LOC Mrs Dresser 25461vTea is a liquid escape just waiting to calm us, to restore our resolve, or change the channel of our multi-task infused minds. Though deep in discussion, despair, dissolution, or drama, taking hold of a hot cup of tea stops everything. We let the cup warm our hands, we sip, and we take a deep breath. Things can wait until the cup of tea has worked its magic – an elixir that has altered our society for the better.

I would argue that tea was the first lasting step in the direction of multiculturalism, and a broader world view. Despite the fact that we altered its consumption to adapt to our own culture, we still remembered its origins, and valued the gift from the East. The earliest consumption of tea included  accoutrements that were directly from the Asian parts of the world that birthed this amazing ritual, or designed to remind partakers of its exotic origins. In Europe, the equipment may have eventually altered to incorporate embellishments that echoed the design tastes of the West, but for over a hundred years, even the humble tea cup went without handles to keep in line with the original Asian design.

LOC Japanese Tea 00477vToday, it is only natural to remember where tea originated, and we strive to get closer to the sacred ritual that has blessed so many for millennia. The blog you read is but an exploration. A journey of curiosity as I encounter the extraordinary among the seemingly mundane. The taking of tea is beautiful in its simplicity and powerful in its transformative powers. At the base of my journey is a love of history. Exploring tea history and its impact on western culture is my next big adventure, and I hope you will enjoy it with me!

For now, I will remain anonymous, because those who know me would roll their eyes at my endeavor to take on another project. But as I wrote above – tea is a great escape – and with the pressures of life, we all need something to distract us, something to bring us uncomplicated delights. Tea and its multiple forms of infusion over time have become that delight. As I explore and read, I have come across some amazing information written by true experts, and I want to make sure they get their due. The Resources page will serve as my collection of great sites, books, or documents that deserve to be shared in their original form. The Candy page will be chock full of tea lust – from teapots, to tea tables, and anything in between, I’ll try to share the most beautiful items I come across.

To read the opening – when it all began in 2016, please refer back to the Welcome.

Thank you for visiting, and if you need to contact me directly, please use the teatableau@gmail.com address, or DM me on Twitter: @teatableau.

Above all – please comment and share your special tea moments! This is a safe place for those of us obsessed with glorious TEA!

Photographs used on this page are the wonderful compliments of the Library of Congress!

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